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Transitions 4th Trimester Journal: Transforming by Janet A. Williams DNP MSM CNM

This self-guided journal was designed by Dr. "J" a midwife for new mothers to explore their experiences, self-acceptance in their new roles, and to give themselves the gift of self care during this crucial time. There are joys, as well as some struggles that new mothers often experience, once discharged home with their babies. The weeks that follow the birth of your baby are filled with so many emotions and are memorable. This journal will give you a place to write your story and begin your Once upon a time.....


Wish List for new moms


Diaper bags

Robe, Nightgown, Pajamas

Stretchy comfortable underwear

Socks, Slippers/house shoes

Super soft zip up hoodie or wrap sweater

Tummy control

Hat/cap (cold weather)

Self care

Heating pad or Cooling pad

Postpartum diapers, Overnight Kotex/depends

Lavender aromatherapy

Good music

A real what to expect book

Postpartum steams & herbal baths

Shower bench

Perineum spray, Vitamins, GasX, Colace


Breast Feeding

Breast pump, Haakaa breast pump

Haakaa cleaning brush for bottles.

Pumpin pals flanges

Breast pads, poppy

Breast ice packs, Nipple cooling pads

Lanolin ointment/Nipple cream, Olive oil

Nursing bra, Breast feeding tank tops, Easy access nursing tops

Breast shields

Breast milk storage bags

Bottle/pacifier wipes

Baby items

Baby carrier that grows with baby

Light weight strollers


Meals delivered/Cooked meals

Premade nutrition dense meals

Uber eats gift cards

Healthy snacks

Oatmeal snacks to support lactation and hunger cravings.

Sunflower lecithin and lactation cookies

HUGE refillable & insulated water cup


Postpartum Support group

Lactation specialist (in the home)

Postpartum doula for some overnight support

Laundry Pick Up, Wash & Fold

House Cleaning Service


Pelvic floor therapy-chiro

Mental health therapist

Hair Care

Hair care with mobile option

Hair wraps/accessories


Hair products to retain/regrow edges

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