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Leukocyte United

A Non-Profit Reproductive Health Care Network. Founded by Trashaunda Brown who has worked in the Reproductive Endocrinology space since 2015 under multiple roles. Gaining insight on diagnostic testing, insurance, as well as holistic and western treatment options. Leukocyte United fosters community empowerment and engagement through education and wellness resources. Recognizing the underlying factors such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, and Thyroid health that impact Fertility, and Childbirth. Creating a path that is unique to your wellness journey, while promoting more life.

Trashaunda Brown

The Broken Brown Egg

The Broken Brown Egg, Inc. exists to inform, empower, and advocate for individuals and couples experiencing infertility and reproductive health issues, with an emphasis on the Black experience of them.

Some possible causes of infertility

Anyone can experience infertility. Here are some possible causes. Anyone who is concerned should speak with their primary care provider, midwife, or women's health care provider.



Pelvic inflammatory disease

Thyroid disease

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Scarring from previous surgery




Hold Onto Hope: Stories of Black Women’s Fertility, Faith, and Fight to Become Mothers by Stacey Edwards-Dunn a unique collection of stories of infertility in the Black community. It shows Black women they are not alone among their peers in their yearning to have a baby. It is joyful and sorrowful, but always gives hope. It shows the many roads to parenthood in a variety of ways. More than other first person fertility memoirs, the strong presence of one’s faith in God permeates the stories.

Our Future Fertility: A Black Woman's Journey Through IVF by Adrienne R Smith

An endeavor to create a starting point, a reference of resources, to aid black women and to help them navigate the splines in the convoluted world of ART/IVF and infertility. Exploring ones own infertility and seeking care support and treatment will most certainly be the single most important and trying decisions of a lifetime, especially if you look in the mirror and the woman staring back at you is a black.



What Black Women Need to Know Before Seeking Fertility Treatment You’re not alone. By Jacquelynn Kerubo. Self magazine

Infertility and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Color) Women
Fact sheet from the Committee on Women in Psychology

Resilient Sisterhood Project - Black Women and Infertility

After My Isolating Fertility Experience, I Started A Nonprofit For Black People

Sugaberry 5 Books For Colored Girls in Need of a Hopeful Fertility Journey

For Black women, the isolation of infertility is compounded by barriers to treatment
By Usha Lee McFarling. STAT.

Research Articles

Black women often cope with infertility alone. University of Michigan

Infertility knowledge and treatment beliefs among African American women in an urban community. Wiltshire A, Brayboy LM, Phillips K, Matthews R, Yan F, McCarthy-Keith D. Infertility knowledge and treatment beliefs among African American women in an urban community. Contracept Reprod Med. 2019 Sep 24;4:16. doi: 10.1186/s40834-019-0097-x. PMID: 31572616; PMCID: PMC6757383.

Racial Differences in Self-Reported Infertility and Risk Factors for Infertility in a Cohort of Black and White Women: The CARDIA Women’s Study Wellons MF, Lewis CE, Schwartz SM, Gunderson EP, Schreiner PJ, Sternfeld B, Richman J, Sites CK, Siscovick DS. Racial differences in self-reported infertility and risk factors for infertility in a cohort of black and white women: the CARDIA Women's Study. Fertil Steril. 2008 Nov;90(5):1640-8. doi: 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2007.09.056. Epub 2008 Mar 5. PMID: 18321499; PMCID: PMC2592196.


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