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Kitchen Table

About the Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table is where we meet to have honest conversations about health care issues that are important to us.

Support, Educate, Provide guidance, Talk about challenges Develop solutions

The Kitchen Table is a concept created by Lucinda where women are invited to share their experiences, wisdom and knowledge. We are going to talk unfiltered about the issues. We will educate and support each other in this space. We will discuss issues that we do not often talk about in our community. Not only are we going to expose structures that cause us harm, but we will show our strength and resilience. Then we are going to identify solutions based on what we feel we need.

If there is a topic you want discussed on the Kitchen Table, please let us know.

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Upcoming Topics

Black Mamas

Prenatal Care -- Date TBA

The discussion focuses on getting the most out of your prenatal care. How do you prepare for your visit? How do you get the information you need to care for yourself?


Pregnancy Over 40 -- TBA

The discussion focuses on the experience of having a baby over the age of 40. What does one need to know to have a healthy pregnancy?


Pregnancy Complications -- TBA

The discussion focuses on the possible complications that can occur during pregnancy. What places someone at risk for a complication? What are possible signs and symptoms of a problem? What do you do? Who do you call?


Planning for Birth -- TBA

The discussion focuses on how to prepare for childbirth. What to consider as one prepares their birth plan.


Postpartum Care & Healing -- TBA

The discussion focuses on what to expect after having a baby. What occurs as one recovers physically and mentally? What are warning signs of a possible problem?



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