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Lucinda's House is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

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Other Ways to Support

There are several ways to support Lucinda's House. You can donate your experience and expertise, we need help in making sure that those who seek services have good support. You could donate money. Purchase things from the Walmart or Target registry. We also like to support small businesses, if you could make a purchase from a small business, especially those that are Black or Brown owned, and donate those goods to Lucinda's House. That would be amazing.

We also need content experts on various topics related to reproductive health, any topic or issue that birthing people need to know to stay healthy. We am open to suggestions. for example women have requested information about infertility, pregnancies after age 40, gestational diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy. These are only a few selected topics. Suggestions are welcomed.

For Lucinda's House to be successful, we need the support of the community.




Lucinda's House appreciates the donors who provide the ongoing financial support needed for our services to our clients. You can join in the fulfilment of our mission by contributing at any of the following levels:

Sponsorship and Recognition

We also welcome event sponsors! We have the following sponsorship levels and recognition:

Contribute to our mission to remove individual and structural barriers so women of color can have better maternal health outcomes and improved wellbeing.


The purpose of Lucinda's House is to create environments where women of color feel safe, supported, and can become an active part in eliminating structual barriers to improve their overall health and wellbeing.


In 2010, Lucinda Canty gave birth to her son Ryan. She had a beautiful pregnancy. She was surrounded by love and support. Due to complications, She had a cesarean birth. Her recovery period took longer than she expected.

During her postpartum period, she had limited support as friends and family went back to work. she found herself feeling lonely and overwhelmed. She wanted the support of a postpartum doula, but didn’t have the financial resources.

She had to navigate caring for herself and her son alone. She had challenges with breastfeeding and began having separation anxiety as she was preparing to return to work. This had a significant impact on her emotional and mental wellbeing.

She suffered in silence.

Lucinda knows what it feels like to want to get help, but not knowing whom to trust.

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The donations made here are utilized for families to receive services such as maternal health consultations, support services such as midwifery care, doula services, lactation counseling as well as to support community educational programs around pregnancy and childbirth.